Client Testimonials

See what our cherished clients have to say about Seventh Heaven Bio Salon alternative healthy beauty products and services…


From Blonde to Black to Red and Back Without Damage to Your Hair


“When I first came to Chloe I was pretty mistrustful of hair-sylists…They rarely listened and gave me what I wanted, didn’t bother with creative input to help me decide what I’d like, and to top it all off, they often fried my hair— and charged a mint for it!!! So you can imagine how thrilled I am with Chloe’s work. Seeing her transform my hair from a dark brown/ bright red highlights back to gold with platinum highlights WITH NO DAMAGE was amazing!!

The color- correction was done after playing a role in a film for which my hair was treated with artificial (and very permanent) dye; there was every reason to expect my hair to turn to straw in the process. Amazingly, it feels better now than before the initial color!

To quote the hair/makeup designer from the show: “By the way your hairdresser did a fabulous job, really really great hair colour correction.” – (Angela Conte, Ted Turner Network/ Australia)

Obviously, I would enthusiastically recommend Chloe to anyone who cares about their hair!











I eat organic food, why was I putting poison in my system on my scalp?

I’m a performing artist and am in the public eye, so the appearance of my hair is very important.

I have coloured my hair for years, I have to be blonde, there is no way around it. But sadly I was born a brunette. For years, I was having colour applied that was full of toxins, ammonia and bleach.

I started doing some research and found that there are healthy alternatives for colour. I searched the internet and found Chloe Scarf from Seventh Heaven and discovered that she had a way to colour my hair that wasn’t full of the toxins, ammonia and bleach. Natural products that would deliver the results that I needed.

I made an appointment right away and haven’t looked back. It’s been a couple of years now and my hair is in fantastic condition since we began we working on perfecting the colour and fixing my poor hair..

Chloe is a beautiful soul, full of passion with a kind heart. Her knowledge about organic and natural products for the skin and hair is amazing and I walk out smelling and feeling like a million dollars as I drive back to Richmond. – Cherelle Jardin

Healthy beauty

The Jardines are Cherelle and Ajaye Jardine, a mother daughter band from Richmond BC.

An Addicting Experience


From long, brown and damaged to shorter with balayage ends.

After going from bleach blonde, to black, to blonde again and back to my natural colour, I vowed to never damage my hair like that again. My experience at Seventh Heaven has changed my perspective on not just colouring my hair, but beauty products in general. Their quality, natural products and the way Chloe cuts and styles hair makes the experience at Seventh Heaven an addicting one. There is no better feeling than being pampered while gazing at the ocean and sipping a cup of tea.”


Healthy Hair Products Will Not Fade Colours

Hola Chloe

I wanted to tell you how wonderful the shampoo, conditioner and serum are that you gave me.  My hair hasn’t been this manageable for years.  Everyone is complementing me on my hair.  That feels very good.

Muchas Gracias,



No Itching or Burning Scalp – Luminous Colour, Naturally !!

This is the second time you have used the coconut enzyme in my hair colour treatment.

The first time you used it I experienced very little itching on my scalp. Where I usually have some itching for a couple of days after the colouring. The second time I experience no itching on my scalp. The colour is rich and shiny; this is the first time anyone has commented that they didn’t know my hair was coloured they thought it was natural. Thank you so much for all that you try to do in obtaining the most natural, organic products to use on your clients. I have always had a great experience in your salon and look forward to another great year at Seventh Heaven Bio Salon. – Sherry Sarna

Peer to Peer Admiration

Chloe has created a fully holistic beauty environment. She works with organic haircolor, free of toxins and ammonia, along with organic shampoos & styling products. Her salon is in a beautiful art gallery. I feel that she provides this environment in an effort to respect the health of each individual. Bringing a wealth of industry experience, she instantly felt like a friend & mentor to me.

I have always developed flu-like symptoms when getting my hair coloured. But this was the first time I was not inhaling strong fumes nor worrying about harm I was doing to my body. Instead, as the colour was processing, I had absolutely no symptoms and found myself relaxing & unwinding as I took in the beautiful ocean view and sipped a cup of homemade herbal tea. Chloe lovingly addressed some issues I was having with my scalp and when I left that day I had developed a new friendship, an organically rich, brunette hue & enjoyed two hours of wonderful tunes playing in my ears.’ It is truly a little slice of heaven! Thank you Chloe for following your passion =)

With Care,

Joanne Lepp
Haut Mineral Makeup Co.

Cutting Edge Hair and Skin Products and Services

Chloe has found some of the most amazing organic products available and coupled it with her creative cutting ability… My scalp and hair have not felt so great in years. And the cut just works.
I’ll return for Chloe’s services, personal touches, and to enjoy the lovely, relaxing atmosphere.
– Jennifer Hennessey
owner of Elixir Organics Haircare

Destination Healthy Beauty

“I always want this place to be here…” was a recent remark by a long term client and friend Gordie MacDonald, who is an Assistant Director in the Vancouver film industry.

Lots of people come here from Vancouver… Why do you keep driving all the way out here to get your hair services? You are successful and able to go anywhere you want. – I asked him.

“Well, to see you of course, but more than that, I like the products… They really work. After you’ve become accustomed to them, not using them would be like peeing in your bath. Don’t you think? ” (small chuckles)
I think I see what you mean…

Low-Synthetic Haircolour – the BEST of the BEST !

I truly felt blessed for my experience at your Salon today THANK YOU Dearly. I’ve been coloring my hair for over 30 years and this is the BEST of the BEST. I am so grateful for your dedication to research on products that are for the people & for the planet . I already have the woman Christopher is working with wanting your card and once I am back to work I will tell any woman or man that colors their hair go to SEVENTH HEAVEN. – Beverly


Tired of Greenwashing, Seventh Heaven is a viable Clean-air Salon

Chloe is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about clean, organic products that have dramatically improved my hair! All of her products are truly spectacular and the best I have experienced so far!

I used to colour my hair with Aveda which I thought they were very natural, but after a while my hair started to dry out, and did not shine anymore. I thought that was part of the deal once I had to start colouring my hair.

I was so excited when my hair started to shine again, the ends got thicker, healthier, and my scalp would not itch anymore from all those harmful toxics!

“Seventh Heaven hair salon” has the right title! It has been a wonderful experience to have found this salon.

I love everything about it. It is a peaceful, spiritual, loving, comfortable environment. I called it “my hair spa” as it has that calming, vibrant energy!

Furthermore, their costumer service is delightful. They serve you herbal teas, with delicious healthy cookies. Every time I go do my hair, I do feel in heaven! –


More Before & After Photos 












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