Organic Care for Skin and Hair

Seventh Heaven Aloe Three-Step Skincare for Natural Beauty

*New Seventh Heaven organic herbal complex with aloe heals 7 layers deep with three simple steps that include a skin care cleanser, healing gel and moisturizer with all natural ingredients: delivers anti-bacterial and hydrating properties.

*For best results use the Gel and then follow with the Lotion from face to feet…and men love our products too because they are not greasy or smelly and they work! … The result is smooth healthy skin that is literally baby soft.

Client testimonial: “I’ve found that when I use Seventh Heaven moisture cream regularly, it totally changes the texture of my skin. It makes my skin feel plumped up and thicker, as if it’s absorbed enough moisture to develop a natural barrier. I’ve never used a cream that has made my skin feel softer and healthier. I’m absolutely hooked.” – Harriet Q

Step 1 – Face Cleanser

Step 1 Facial Cleanser

Herbal complex with Aloe deep cleanses face and skin.

Step 2 – Herbal Healing Gel

Herbal Gel

Herbal complex with Aloe heals cuts, burns, rashes and dry skin

Step 3 – SPF 15 Protective Moisturizing Lotion

Moisturizing Lotion

15 SPF with silica herbal complex with Aloe protects and moisturizes dry skin

Organic Haircare:

*Ask about our Organix certified organic refillable shampoo and conditioner with all natural ingredients: delivers anti-bacterial and detangling properties.



About seventhheavenbiosalon

natural health and beauty creative collective *Seventh Heaven is an innovative organic hair, esthetics and bio salon, creative collective, located in Crescent Beach, which actively promotes and showcases local art talent, painters, performers and writers, while continuing to grow healthy beauty since 2008.
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