Hello world!

Welcome to Healthy Beauty ! Exclusively at Seventh Heaven Bio Salon.

You know from the moment you arrive that you are somewhere special…

Learn About How You Can Be a Healthy Beauty Here at Healthy Beauty Tips from our web site.

  1. You can find new ideas for what to use to maintain vibrance of youth in hair and skin care at New for Your Health Seventh Heaven Bio Salon. “Have you dyed and gone to Heaven yet?” Seventh Heaven; the next bio-logical step!
  2. “Beauty is more than skin deep.” Learn what not to use to avoid harming your health in hair and skin care at skindeep Environmental Working Group’s Beauty Cosmetics database and Whats Inside?
  3. Go here, and then hit Contact us on the left. You can always email or phone for a brief consultation before you decide to make that healthy step.

About seventhheavenbiosalon

natural health and beauty creative collective *Seventh Heaven is an innovative organic hair, esthetics and bio salon, creative collective, located in Crescent Beach, which actively promotes and showcases local art talent, painters, performers and writers, while continuing to grow healthy beauty since 2008.
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